Jack Nicholson was transferred to hospital due to heart attack

Jack Nicholson was transferred to hospital after a heart attack he had earlier this morning. The co-star of the film The Shining, who has been away for nearly a decade from the big screen wad immediately transfered to hosital in L.A.

Jack Nicholson was born in New York and began his career by playing a small role in Roger Corman’s The City Baby Killer (1958). Playing small roles, he was involved in writing some of the films without any success, and appeared on television at The Andy Griffith Show in two episodes.

Nickson’s career began with the Easy Rider, 1969. The interpretation of the character of a drunken lawyer led to his nomination for the Oscar II Men’s Role Award.

This was followed by the Five Easy Pieces (1970), which was nominated for an Oscar for the second consecutive year, this time with an A’Red role, and then with the films “The Day of Clear Day You Can See Forever” , 1970), Carnal Knowledge (1971), The Last Detail (1973), and Roman Chanatown’s classic film (1974). For his acting in the last two, Nicholson was nominated for the Oscar of the Men’s Role.