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Is obesity linked to Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s is the most common condition responsible for dementia in old age. It marks the progressive degeneration of neurons in integral regions of the brain, and accumulation of tangles of complex proteins all around the degenerating neuronal cells. Alzheimer’s is not curable. However, several theories and hypothesis have been developed recently to discover a way so as to halt the disease’s progression.

Obesity is quite a common condition in which, the body mass index exceeds way beyond normal, due to the presence of extra unnecessary fats and cholesterol in the body. Owing to certain modalities in lifestyle of today’s generation, and the growing consumption of fast foods, the incidence of obesity is uncontrollably snowballing.

Scientists say that there is a connection between these two conditions, which is, Alzheimer’s disease and obesity. A recent research presents its discovery which says that the amount of weight you possess after the age of 50 years, could determine your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

CBC News reports that being overweight during your mid life years seems to exaggerate the onset of Alzheimer’s disease even in individuals with normal cognitive functions.

An amazing fact here is that with each increase in one unit of BMI of a person, the likelihood of the onset of first manifestation of Alzheimer’s reduces by six and a half months in terms of duration.

In a study carried out in this perspective, 1300 subjects aged above 50, were observed and tested for a period of 14 years. According to the reports obtained from “Business Insider”, these individuals were examined at the interval of every two years for their cognitive capabilities and weight. 142 subjects developed dementia meanwhile, and it was revealed that those individuals who had an exceeding weight, manifested the ailment 6.7 earlier than the rest.

High blood pressure, positive family history, age, smoking, gene factor, heart diseases and obesity are well known risk factors of Alzheimer’s disease up till now. However, the actual cause is still a mystery.