Insurance coverage for stolen cryptos!

According to a Bloomberg article, although several insurers offer such coverage, but few accept to talk about it, one of them is Allianz, which has been providing such insurance coverage for theft of cryptosancies for several months.

In addition to Allianz, Aon and Marsh & McLennan deal with the issue with AIG entering the game. Experts of the site count 12 insurance companies that offer insurance coverings for cryptographic theft in Startups and field exchanges.

Sharing risk in the event of loss is something that is expected, but also what is required for the insurance itself, as a total of insurance companies in the market can participate for a few million dollars!

In any case, forecasts are that in the coming years there will be a great deal of demand for these coverings as the crypnoplanets gain their position in the financial and investment market, but it is not difficult to realize that these products are up to 5 times expensive than the corresponding – traditional and many Startups do not afford them.