Instagram aims to threaten YouTube’s leadership

Instagram said it will now allow videos of up to an hour to stand up, making it a competitor to Google’s YouTube, especially among younger users. Thus, it will depart even further from its original function, which was the users to share their photos.

Instagram also announced that it has now exceeded one billion active monthly users worldwide, and last year it had about 800 million users last year. It is the fourth Facebook networking platform that surpasses the barrier of one billion users, as it has already done – besides Facebook itself – WhatsApp and Messenger. Instagram is growing faster than Twitter and Snapchat, earning more and more younger and generally younger users who are losing Facebook.

Instagram’s new IGTV mobile app will allow users to “upload” long-lasting videos, which will allow artists and other celebrities with millions of followers to feed their audiences with plenty of material while today their video clips in Instagram do not exceed one minute.

Most users will be able to “upload” up to ten videos while those with the largest “audience” will be entitled to video for up to an hour. IGTV will work both as part of Instagram and as an independent application. In the first phase it will not include ads, but this is expected to happen eventually. Every user will now have their own “channel” on IGTV, as on YouTube, where they will “upload” their videos. Anyone with an Instagram account will automatically acquire a channel on IGTV after its application is renewed.