Indian Prime Minister Leads Yoga Day Celebration

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has lead the first celebration of International Yoga Day.

He rolled out his mat among rows of yoga participants, including members of his cabinet and foreign officials at the new Delhi’s major thoroughfare,.

The place was turned into an enormous exercise ground. “We are not only celebrating a day, but we are training the human mind to begin a new era of peace and harmony,” Mr Modi said before the crowd. “This is a programme for the benefit of mankind, for a tension-free world and to spread the message of harmony.”

The prime minister had convinced the United Nations to make June 21 as the International Yoga Day for all yoga enthusiasts in the world.

In various parts of the globe, thousands of people participated in the celebration. They took out their yellow mats and did their favorite yoga exercises.

In the capital of Taiwan, more than 2,000 participants performed 108 rounds of the so-called “sun salutation.”

“They give themselves a piece of time to observe their mind and their heart, which I think in the modern society we need a lot,” remarked yoga practitioner Angela Hsi.

Fazel Shah, an Indian pilot in a Middle Eastern airline, was so impressed. “Isn’t it awesome? I mean, just look at the number of people who are here, embracing it,” he related, “If you go up from where I am and look from the sky down, you don’t see borders, you don’t see religions, you don’t see nationalities, you just see one group of people. So, I just go down and meet up with them, that’s all.”

Indian officials reported that more than 35,000 individuals participated in the New Delhi yoga event which could set a Guinness World Record for the biggest single yoga class at one specific location.