Increased risk of stroke after a heart attack

After a stroke, the patient’s risk of stroke and stroke remains elevated for up to three months, far more than doctors have so far thought, according to a new American scientific research.

“A stroke is a stroke risk factor for up to three months. This is important because we thought that the risk was only increased for one month, “said lead investigator Dr. Alexander Merckler, assistant professor of neuroscience at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York.

Researchers, who presented their findings at a congress of the American Neurology Association in Atlanta (not yet published in the scientific journal), analyzed data from more than 1.7 million patients, of whom more than 46,000 were hospitalized for stroke and 80,000 for stroke.

It was confirmed that there is a greater risk of stroke for those (male or female) who have previously had a heart attack and the risk is greater in the first month after the heart attack. But it remains elevated for five to 12 weeks until it returns to pre-infarction risk.

It is unclear why a heart attack is more likely to have a stroke. Probably the damage to the heart causes clots that travel to the brain.

Based on current practice, after a heart attack patients usually take antiplatelet drugs or aspirin, however, as Merkel said, after the new findings, it may be necessary to administer other anticoagulants to prevent a cerebral thrombosis.