The ideal time for sex!






The fluctuation in our hormones, body temperature and blood pressure during the day determines our energy levels and our mood. Our biological watch, therefore, affects various areas of our everyday life like that of sex life. So what is the ideal time for sex based on our organization’s functions and why?

According to experts, men’s testosterone levels increase by 25-50% at night because the pituitary gland, which controls its production, is activated at these times. But in women, testosterone strengthens sexual mood. The production of the hormone in the female sex is promoted by the sunlight. Men prepare for sex as long as they sleep, while morning light stimulates the woman’s sexual mood.

What does this mean? That both men and women have more appetite for sex at morning hours. In the morning, energy levels are also elevated, while we are more relaxed and carefree, as we do not “carry” the anxieties and obligations of the day.