IBM built the smallest computer in the world

IBM Think 2018 is launching today, where the company will present a chip that claims to be the smallest computer in the world. And they do not complain: It’s literally smaller than a grain of salt. But do not let the size fool you as it has the computing power of the chip x86 (1990).

Processor frequencies may have been booming since then, but the IBM chip is very difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. This particular computer costs less than ten minutes to build while it contains “several hundred thousand transistors”, according to the company. These will allow him to “monitor, analyze, even communicate with data”.

According to IBM, this is just the beginning. “Within the next five years, these microscopes will be integrated into everyday objects and devices,” says IBM research chief Arvind Krishna. It is not yet clear when it will be released, as IBM researchers are currently testing the first prototype.