A husband did something extreme for his blind wife

Mr and Mrs. Kuroki lived happily as dairy farmers in rural Japan raising their two children when suddenly the woman lost her sight because of problems with diabetes. She soon became depressed and retired in her home.

Mr. Kuroki struggled to find a way to make his wife happy when he came up with an amazing idea: he decided to plant a garden of flowers to enjoy their smell and find an incentive to get out. After thousands of flowers and two years of hard work, private farm attracts people from all over the world who want to see this true love story.

Mrs. Kuroki can not see anything but wishes to be out. She and her husband moved to their farm shortly after their marriage in 1956. They raised their two children together and lived happily until something went wrong with the woman’s vision. She was so sad she retired to her house and stayed there only.

Concerned about his wife, Mr Kuroki struggled to find a solution. And then she began to plant flowers. Thousands of fragrant flowers were planted within 2 years. Slowly, the woman was motivated by the wonderful smell and started to come out again from home. She smiles now every day.