Husband had a relationship with the nurse of his sick wife!

A husband refused accusations that he had a relationship with his wife’s nurse who is sick due to a serious brain injury. Gregg Ormondroyd denied having repudiated his wife with the nurse, saying: “No, under no circumstances. We are not in a relationship. ” The former coach driver, Ormondroyd, said: “This story is not based on real facts.”

The father of four children refused any relationship with Donna’s nurse, Anne Robinson, and that he took her at their home in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Donna fainted and stopped breathing at her home two years ago, due to a severe brain injury, and was at a coma.

She came out of the coma after three weeks, but she could not move or talk and needed 24-hour care. 31-year-old Ormondroyd added, “The nurse is not allowed to have a relationship with any patient or patient’s family members.” He insisted: “I do not want to talk about Anne. Who are those who say this and why? ”

His wife’s parents are upset by his alleged “inappropriate” relationship with the nurse, who recently resigned from her job. The husband and nurse have both posted photos of their happy moments in social media revealing that they are in a relationship.

His wife fainted and stopped breathing two years ago after having suffered a serious brain injury and entered an artificial coma. Mr. Ormondroyd said: “He came out of the coma after three weeks, two years ago, and now takes 24 hours care.”

A family friend told The Sun: “It is quite sad that Donna from a glamorous young mom turned into a person who needs 24-hour care. But the fact that Gregg has started a relationship with the nurse who takes care of Donna is very embarrassing for his wife’s family. Whatever happens is under the nose of Donna and her children and Donna is not in a position to face it.”

Ormondroyd and Robinson have both posted on Facebook a series of pictures that they are together saying they are in touch with. But now, the husband denies that Robinson was his mistress. He said: “There are people who do not know about my life. I have no reason to talk to anyone, especially at this time. I have my children and my wife to take care of and I do not want to make any comments.”

The Ormondroyds have been together for more than six years and married one year before Donna’s brain injury. In an old statement about the incident, Mr. Ormondroyd said: “I came home one day and saw her at the back of an ambulance, she had fainted and stopped breathing. Then I knew something went wrong, it took more than 70 minutes to bring her back to life.

” They thought she would not make it, and the next two days were very critical. I made my world from scratch, I just want to take her home – she’s stuck in this hospital without any sign. She needs her children around her, if something will bring her back to us our children will be. “