Hundreds of victims of the battle against ISIS in Iraq and Syria






At least 800 citizens have lost their lives in battles in Iraq and Syria over the last 3 years, through US-led coalition operations fighting the Islamic State. As reported by Reuters, citing a coalition report released today, this figure is much smaller than the track record of organizations that monitor what is happening.

Airwars estimates that at least 5,961 citizens were killed by air raids of the coalition between August 2014 and this October.

“We continue to regard ourselves as responsible for acts that may have caused us unintentional injuries or civilian deaths,” the coalition said in his report.

Since the launch of the ISIS Islamist operation, the coalition has made more than 28,000 hits and has received more than 1,790 reports of possible civilian casualties. It is still processing 695 reports of civilian deaths from raids in Iraq and Syria, although, as it points out, he is doing all he can to avoid such incidents.