Human feeding device

Foods that will fly and end up alone in our mouths. No matter how weird it sounds, researchers have created a device that is doing this thing. In addition, thanks to their technology, food will get new better flavors. Researchers at the universities of Sussex and Bristol have created an “intact food delivery system” that uses ultrasounds to swallow small amounts of food and drink.

The new device can even change the traditional tasting process, for example, wine drops can be suspended in the middle of the air and then end up in the tongue of man. The innovative system TastyFloats promises, according to the researchers’ new culinary experiences, “but could also be used in other fields, enriching experiences that provide augmented / virtual reality and video games.

The first tests show that sweetened foods have more intense tastes and are more enjoyable (eg the bitter becomes less unpleasant). This, according to scientists, can motivate chefs around the world to show interest in new technology and to experiment with them in their kitchens.

As he said lead researcher Dr. Chi Bi Thanch Laboratory Computer-Human Interaction School of Engineering and Information Technology of Sussex, “the more we are aware of molecular gastronomy, which changes the physical and chemical properties of food to create new taste experiences. Also, some top chefs already have hanging dishes, but they use the power of magnetism to lift the dish rather than eating. Our study is the first to show that it is feasible to make the bites and sips themselves hanging. ”

The new technology uses inexpensive ultrasonic transducers that generate a static wave of ultrasound. These waves are “manipulated” in a way that acts as acoustic holograms, creating invisible shapes that trap an object in the middle of the air.

By changing the shape of these holograms acoustic libitum, are feasible a bite of food or drink sip not only be swung staying stationary but move “magicly” in a particular direction and be delivered to a specific point – e.g. in an open mouth.

The technology can be configured so that either delivering food in a particular order, e.g. first bites of cheese and then sips of wine, or at the same time, e.g. together with milk. Currently, TastyFloats can lift and move only small quantities of solid or liquid food. The aim of the researchers is to improve it so that in the future it will do the same with larger quantities – so the kitchen will take off literally.