How human dna can “kill” your business

Innovation is a key factor in human evolution! Through innovation man has noticeably improve his life and is expected to make even easier the daily life of his descendants! However, it’s a fact that some of our ancestors, keep us away from innovation. To truly harness the innovation and creative problem solving, we should bypass sections of our DNA, which “block” this function and are “checkpoints” when trying to create new ideas.

Managers and consultants know that trying to find innovative and productive ideas in order to “lure” customers require gigantic energy consumption and high risk rate. Indisputably you need a lot of energy and time reserve for the process of turning an idea into practice and consequently a product which should be launched. If indeed should the current CEO  come in contact with people who are in denial … their pocket, then certainly valuable boost to … go unclaimed!

We all have an inherent tendency to say ‘no’ without first thinking well. Especially when it comes to entering into “unchartered”. However, if one “plays” on the safe side is more likely to threaten the survival of the market. Nowadays innovation guides our survival needs and usually exceeds them !

Negative thoughts and movements are the worst enemy of innovation. A survey has shown that in our minds evil is stronger value than good, the negative information or experiences, even negative people affectmore than positive. Our negative thoughts keeps us away from creative ideas due to fear of feature failure.