Hubble Telescope was set in safe mode due to severe damage

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has suffered another mechanical damage, losing one of the last three gyros that it possessed, which allows it to orient and change its direction.

The telescope was put in a safe mode for self-protection purposes, so it only performs its absolutely necessary functions, while NASA scientists are trying to solve the problem, as the BBC broadcasts and relays the Athenian News agency.

The telescope that exploded in 1990 and made significant astronomical discoveries, initially had six gyros, but some of them were phased out. Hubble needs at least three gyros to be able to work properly and it has been left with just three.

If the new fault fails to be restored, the telescope will be left with two gyroscopes, which will limit its functionality. However, even with only one, he is still able to make some observations of the sky.

Hubble’s successor, James Webb, the large space American telescope after successive delays, will not be launched before 2021. Astronomers are aiming to prolong Hubble’s life, but losing another gyroscope makes life difficult.