House of $14 million that can resist at ballistic attacks

You can’t sleep at night? Perhaps this home with doors that withstand even attacking ballistic missiles makes you feel safer. The $ 14 million incredible property is considered to be the safest house in the American continent, perhaps the world, and has a shelter of 15,000 square feet, as well as access to water and electricity independently of the public network.

Situated just outside Atlanta, it has more than just a private showroom, a bowling alley and a vast swimming pool.

The doors of its rooms can withstand the AK-47 fire. The garage is large enough to accommodate 30 vehicles and has an entrance designed to hide a cataract. Secret doors lead to a shelter, where the owner could have been hiding for years while having artesian water from a 1,000-foot drill down the ground.

The house was built by an architect who spent two decades designing security buildings for the US Department of Justice.

As a well-known real estate agent says, one can hang on his walls a $ 20 million collection of Artworks and sleep quietly that everything is safe. The business owner of Rice House, as it is said, spent six years and about $ 30 million to build this real fortress. It has 8 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, three kitchens, a private museum, wine cellar, indoor shooting range, large lifts.

The district where there are 19 tennis courts, golf course, basketball courts, concert venue and of course 14-hour security. Now the owner who bought it to give it to his child sells it at the price of $ 14.7 million. The original sale price was $ 17.5 million. Once he learned that his son does not care to stay there …