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Hobbits Are a Real Species of Their Own; Not Deformed Humans

So our theory is that the Shire was the only region to survive the end of Middle Earth… because, really, what else makes sense? However, some less imaginative scientists still agree that these ‘hobbits’ who died out on the Indonesian island Flores around 15,000 years ago, are in fact a species of their own.

Hobbit (2)

In a new study, researchers examined the skull thickness of these pint-sized people – dubbed h**o floresiensis – and compared them to that of H**o erectus. The results were quite surprising as the ‘hobbit’ skull did not correspond to the other, thus proving that they are a separate species… yeah. We’re not surprised… And yet there are still those non-believers that insist on hobbits being a branch of H**o sapiens who had been deformed due to some disease or genetic disorder.

Hobbit (3)

Some attribute their short stature to a mutation that may have happened after these prehistoric humans got cut-off in a drastically changed environment and had to adapt to the harsh reality. So while these people remain skeptical, we gladly accept the existence of hobbits. After all, we never stopped believing!