Hitler’s time machine was discovered and has shocked science

Hitler’s time machine was able to travel over time and additionally had anti-gravity capabilities, and allegedly several Nazi scientists died during device testing.

And as the allies won World War II, this construction or weapon, known as “Die Glocke” or “Kabana”, came very silently to South America.

Conspiracy theories about Nazi times and / or superiority in multidimensional trips reveal that at least one super weapon or construction had been developed that could gain other dimensions.

Despite what the Third Reich has received, there are many who swear reality in these Nazi weapons, constructions and devices that History does not recognize, and simply places them in the sphere of science fiction.

The rumors about this time machine seem to start with Sporrenberg.

Many claim that Obergruppenfuhrer (the senior team leader) said the murder of 60 engineers, scientists and technicians was made to cover the existence of Die Glocke. This statement refers to confidential copies of the Polish Information Services.

Die Glocke is described as having nine feet wide (2.7 meters) and 15 feet wide (4.5 meters), which creates a separate “hive” when it was active.

Polish researcher Igor Witkowski claims that when Die Glocke was active it could cover an area with an energy field of up to 660 feet (about 200 meters).

Anyone in or near this zone could die while the plants will decompose into mud. He argued that five of the seven Nazi scientists associated with the device died during the World War II trials.

This Time Machine of the Nazi is allegedly producing “images from the past” on top of it, which was like a mirror.

Hitler reported that Die Glocke was shipped to South America on a U-boat in the last days of the war.

Those who believe in this theory claim that the gun is still hidden somewhere in South America today. Others claim to be hidden in a secret Nazi installation in Antarctica, while others claim it has already been owned by the US.

South America and the Antarctic appear in many conspiracy theories about the Nazis, while the CIA even explores the claim that Hitler lived in Colombia.

Despite all the above, according to official and historical data, there has never been any concrete evidence that the Third Reich has evolved into any kind of weapon or construction technology that is analogous to the descriptions given to them. Consequently, these claims are limited to unverified conspiracy theories and fall into the sphere of science fiction.

At present, Die Glocke appears to be real only in the logic of many video games where he makes his “appearances”, such as Call of Duty, Wolfenstein and Assassin’s Creed.

Of course, for their part, the conspirators argue that all the elements that prove the existence of this construction are hidden by those who hold and control not only the machine itself but also the History itself.

However, out of the few available evidence, Die Glocke was probably a simple cyclotron used to study thorium transmutation in protactinium and ultimately uranium 233 a nuclear fission nuclear material. Unless he was part of his function.

In the video below you will see a structure believed to be part or ruins of Die Glocke’s enigmatic super weapon in Poland: