They hit him with his car in front of his wife!

Two robbers who broke the house of a former Navy officer hit him twice with his car. He died in front of his wife’s eyes. The robbers entered the 35-year-old Mike Samwell apartment in southern Manchester in the early hours of April 23rd. When Mike tried to prevent them from getting his car, they hit him twice. He died shortly after his serious injuries.

Ryan Gibbons and Raymond Davies, accused of his death, deny that they have a responsibility. They declared guilty only for burglary. In the murder trial, the prosecutor reported that Mike was sleeping with his wife Jessica when they heard a noise at 3:00 o’clock in the morning.

“It was a sound that everyone would be afraid of in the night. The sound of someone entering your house. Only moments later Mike Samwell was deadly injured outside his home. They hit him with his car at least two times. Two of the men responsible for his death are in front of you.

Each of them, in his own way, bears responsibility for the shocking accident. They were accomplices. They had a plan to go home and steal the car. Wife of unlucky Mike ran down and phoned the police. She saw that they had break the glass door. She ran out. She saw Mike under the wheels of the car. The car must have passed at least twice over him. “