High Risk Of Miscarriage Linked To Caffeine Consumption

A new US Study confirmed that women who drink more than two caffeinated beverages per day during the first seven weeks of pregnancy were more likely to have a miscarriage.

According to the study published online last Thursday in the journal Fertility and Sterility,taking a daily multivitamin significantly reduced chances of miscarriage.

The current study compared cigarette use, caffeinated beverage consumption and multivitamin use among 344 couples when the woman was carrying a single offspring. Of these pregnancies, 98 ended in miscarriage.

The conclusions were based on a statistical concept called ‘hazard ratio’, which estimates the chances of a particular outcome occurring during the study period. A ratio greater than one indicates increased risk for miscarriage each day following conception.

The risk of miscarriage was 1.74 when the woman consumed more than two caffeinated drinks a day, the study showed.

However, the risk was almost as high — 1.73 — if the male partner drank that much caffeine or more.