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Here’s What Would Happen if A Black Hole Swallows Us Tomorrow

Oh happy day, for all of the world’s vertically challenged people; we’ve just found your go-to for gaining on a couple inches… except it’s not just a couple, and really not as fun as it sounds.

For every science wiz out there, black holes are such an intriguing topic, and there are quite the few contradicting theories about them out there. On one specific topic, there are 3 theories, and that’s regarding what exactly might happen to planet Earth if by some unfortunately morbid twist of fate, we happen to be close to a black hole’s event horizon.

Well, first and foremost – and really, duh – we’d be swallowed whole. But what happens during or next is up to debate. The first scenario says we’d be spaghettified, i.e. imagine yourself being held by both legs and neck, then literally stretched out like a piece of taffy. Gravity from a black hole is exponentially more powerful than Earth’s, and you’ll find yourself being pulled out excruciatingly until you disintegrate when you pass the event horizon… so, we guess those couple of inches aren’t worth it now, are they? Heels will have to do.

black hole (1)

The second scenario is less gruesome, as it promises us a swifter end. Some scientists think that if we suddenly find ourselves this close to a black hole, we’d probably just drop dead – or fry out – from its radioactivity. Um… yeah not such a happy alternative for us, either.

Finally, for our whimsical friends, Dr. Samir Mathur from Ohio State University proposed the “fuzzball theory” which seems a cute enough alternative for us, we’ll just take it. His theory says that when swallowed by a black hole, Earth will not disintegrate, but actually be “copied” as a hologram. This means Earth will still exist as an imperfect copy of its previous self, none of us will probably be any wiser.

Yeah. We’ll just take this one to go, please.