Her fiance was captured beating her dog on camera. He will never forget what she did to him!






We all look for secret gifts to our dogs and especially to those who will spend the rest of their lives with us. We want to be funny, smart, hardworking and polite. But what would happen if you had a pet and you discovered horriably that your partner behaves badly?

This discovery was made by a Brazilian woman when she began to suspect that the bruises on her bulldogs’ bodies had not been caused over the game. To find the culprit installed cameras at home and when she discovered the perpetrator, her decision was final and irrevocable.

Ninna Mandin, 26 years old from Brazil, loved her French bulldogs. One day she saw something strange bruises on their bodies. Ninna furious discovered that her fiance behaved brutally in her animals! Without hesitating, the girl canceled the marriage. She went even further by publishing what the cameras had recorded so that everyone could see the monster he had been engaged with for so long. In addition, the girl collects signatures on the internet to send her ex-partner to justice.