This is how the heart becomes after long-term cocaine use

There is no need to be an expert to understand how drugs are destroying our organism slowly and agonizing, leading very often even to death. Now, this video gives a new shocking look at how a man’s heart becomes after long-term cocaine use.

A health-related program on the American television network CBS gives the answer to those who may be wondering about the effects that drug use may have on human organs. More specifically, the show “The Doctors” showed a shocking video with a heart of a cocaine user and how it works.

The heart seems to be hitting the body for about half an hour, having three times the size of a person’s heart who does not use cocaine. “The way it works is not normal,” says Doctor Travis Stor.

He then says to the viewers: “The heart should normally have the size of your fist, and when it grows three times its size, it means that it can cause chronic damage or premature death. That is why doing drugs can cause these fatal consequences. ”