He gave all his fortune when his beloved was cured of cancer.

A Syrian businessman, Matzi Dumatto, lived a rich life. Everything changed when he crashed with his Ferrari in Dubai.

His involvement in this accident resulted in Dhumano going to prison for a long time. Once he was released, he traveled to Brazil and met Milena, the woman who loved him, changed him and made him affectionate and philanthropist.

This woman suddenly discovered that she had breast cancer and had to do double mastectomy and undergo a bone marrow transplant. At that time, Dumatto, born in Damascus and raised in Brazil and Dubai, supported all of her struggle, spending $ 700,000 on her treatment without a second thought.

After this couple’s adventure, the businessman decided to give all his property, worth 3 million euros, to medical and charitable accounts.

The couple today lives in his van or in the restaurant he keeps. Matzi and Milena wear old and cheap clothes and do not care about the shyness of the past.