What happens when someone dies in a flight

Every traveler who is looking forward to board in the plane and enjoy the flight wouldn’t like to sit next to different types of passengers that would spoil his journey, such as a baby crying, someone who talks incessantly or someone who travels for the first time and is terrified. There is even a worse scenario: the dead passenger.

It may be a small chance of someone dying in the air but not negligible. So companies have provided certain procedures and for this undesirable scenario. “There is a particular protocol for addressing a passenger who is in medical need,” said the Travel & Leisure spokesman American Airlines Ross Feinstein noting that only a doctor can officially declare the death of someone. Technically, no one “dies” officially in the air, unless there is a doctor on the flight to certify.

If a passenger dies during flight, the airline staff will attempt to confirm his death by checking vital signs, but can not declare someone “dead”. The “corpse” is transferred to an empty row of seats and usually covered with a blanket. But if there are no empty seats, the passenger strapped in his seat and covered there with a blanket.

According to a report in the Guardian, the Singapore Airlines used Airbus planes that had a specially designed room for the possibility of a passenger’s death. However, these aircraft have now been withdrawn.