Hacker team revealed who is responsible for September 11th

The Dark Overlord hacker team released decoding ‘keys’ for 650 files claiming to be related to Sept. 11. If no ransom is paid, the team threatens more leaks that will have overwhelming consequences for the “deep state of the US”.

Dark Overlord threatens to reveal who is hiding behind the Twins Towers attacking companies such as Hiscox Syndicates Ltd, Lloyds of London, and Silverstein Properties.

The pile of these documents is just a fraction of the 18,000 secret documents relating to September 11, 2001 that are believed to have been stolen by insurers, law firms and government agencies, as reported by RT.

“Hiscox Syndicates Ltd and Lloyds of London are among the largest insurance companies. They secure everything from small-value objects to large structures like the World Trade Center, “the group said in a message. “If you are one of the dozens of lawyers who participated in the case or the politician who participated or the law enforcement force that participated in the investigations, the real estate management company, the investment bank, a simple client, a global insurer, you can contact us mail and ask for a withdrawal of the documents. To do so, you have to pay us. “

This message was deleted after a few days, but a social media account has been created that hosts corresponding messages.

“We will give many answers to the 9/11 theories through the 18,000 secret documents leaked by Hiscox Syndicates Ltd and other companies, including Delta Airlines.”

The former even confirmed that last April, a law firm hacked into a lawsuit on 11 September, but made clear that its system was not affected.