Hacker attacked public network to release his friend earlier

A man from Ann Arbor, Michigan, has hacked Washtenaw County’s public system in an attempt to alter recorded records to release his friend faster. The suspect is Konrads Voits, 27-year-old, who was arrested a while ago after an investigation by the FBI, because through hacking he tried to harm people and to irreparably damage the public interest. After all this, he was found guilty by the federal court last week.

Between January 24 and March 10, Voits used both classic e-mail phishing and social media phishing methods to cheat Washtenaw County employees to download and install malicious programs on their computers. According to court documents, Voits tried to cheat employees by sending their emails, asking for assistance in obtaining court records under the name “Daniel Greene”.

He also posted a fake site named “”, which resembles County Washtenaw’s official portal – “”.

After the unsuccessful cyber attacks that had an extremely aggressive fraudulent character, Voits began chatting electronically with prison staff in February claiming he was director of County Jail’s IT department. He managed to cheat a number of employees with the aim of directing them to the fake site full of malicious programs and having the ability to obtain information from the victims via a remote connection.

He then used the stolen information to install malware on County’s network to access sensitive Washtenaw County files, such as the XJail system – a program used to monitor detainees, and swearing search orders. Voits managed to distribute the personal data of more than 1,600 employees in the region, including their names, username, passwords, emails, and other people’s details.