Fermilab’s NOvA Detector Discovers Oscillating Neutrinos: Reinforces the Big Bang Theory

Yesterday, the NuMI Off-Axis Electron Neutrino Appearance (NOvA) gave scientists something to talk about: observable neutrino oscillations.  The oscillating neutrinos were the first to form ahead of anything right after the creation of the universe and finding them would support how the universe was formed; that’s just what the Fermilab research project did using its NOvA detector. Their presence supports the Big Bang Theory.

After almost ten years, the wait is over for Fermilab: its NOvA detector finale found evidence of neutrino oscillations. These are the cosmic objects, the by product of the universe’s rather sudden transformation through the explosion of accumulated cosmic gasses. The Creationist should find their own evidence based on science, which many people are putting more their faith than in their religion.

The first results and analysis of the observation were presented by Fermilab and physicists from William & Mary along with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.

According to a Tech Times report, NOvA itself is a Fermilab research project whose focus is on high-energy particle physics, such as neutrinos.

Neutrinos interact with ordinary matter; that’s a given, but only do it weakly. This weak interactions makes it difficult for scientists to get a grasp on these particles. Neutrinos come in three ‘flavors’: tau, electron, and muon.

Neutrinos transform, or, more accurately, oscillate between these three types. The main purpose of the NOvA project was to help scientists observe these oscillations.

Why would scientists be interested in Neutrinos? One possible application of neutrinos is near light speed communication because they seldom react with matter and often pass unimpeded.

Imagine being able to beam a signal through the Earth with just a beam of invisible particles at speeds near that of light. Such a technology would revolutionize communication. And that’s just one application!

And another important reason why discovering oscillating Neutrinos takes on a more urgent nature is its role as part of The Big Bang Theory.