Green Wine Exists and It’s Made Out of Weed

How do you prefer your wine? Others love the refreshing whites and rosés witty and many prefer fruity that gives red. But what about the green wine? This is  the only one in the world and its produced in California it seems that gets its color from the interaction with the Indian Hemp.

The study on the effects of m*******a in the body has shown several beneficial effects. That is why in many regions of the world, among them a number of US states have allowed its use for medicinal purposes. The so-called cannabis wine then, is a product aimed at this well-being, according to its producers.

Relaxing and refreshing

It is produced from the compound of biological hemp and fine grapes. Low temperature fermentation of the must, along with m*******a, retain all the healing properties of the plant – always according to the producers and the Insider – without high levels of THC psychoactive substance found in the drug. Result; A sweet drink that offers natural physical uplift, rather than mental haze, as happens with most types of inhaled cannabis.

Organic m*******a laced in “tsatila”, similar to that employed in cheese making and is added to the barrel of the wort, where it remains during the fermentation, and the wine rest for about one year. Those who have tried it speak of an intense wine that might look special at first, and offers a peaceful and wonderful sleep.  If you ever travel to California, you may be able to try the green wine. However, the price is quite expensive, and can cost up to $ 400 a half bottle.