A greedy rich man was trying to buy an elderly woman’s home, but she did not care about the money

Edith Macefield was a brave woman who spoke English and French and joined the military. After her tenure in England, officials found she was under 18 and sent her home. Eventually Macefield returned to her home in the United States.

She spent the next 60 years living in the same house, and nobody could get it. Some investors wanted to buy it after examining every inch of its neighborhood and decided to turn it into a profitable shopping mall. However, 86-year-old Macefield didn’t want to move. The investors offered her a lot of money, first hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then the overwhelming amount of one million dollars.

Macefield did not accept any offer. Investors, however, were so stubborn, who instead of buying her home, built the shopping mall around it. However, what no one expected was that in this process, Macefield would make a friend.

The project manager, Barry Martin, was responsible for building the shopping center around her home. He started the procedures and soon became friends. When she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he became her coroner.

“She didn’t want to enter a nursing home,” Martin said. “She wanted to stay there and die at her mother’s home. ”

When Macefield died in 2008, she “left” her house in Martin’s hands. The developer knew he had to do what she thought was right. The house stayed in the same spot for seven years, although it annoyed investors. In 2015, it was finally given to charity to provide affordable housing to those in need.

In the end, Macefield got what she wanted. She fought against corporate greed, prevented it from becoming the home of the mall, and helped through this process those who really needed it.