This grandpa died and did something that shocked his family

When a family member dies, he often leaves his property to his family members. Well, this is not what happened in this case! Ronald Butcher died. He was 75 years old and his legacy was over $ 700,000. But, he did not leave a penny in his family! Butcher left all his fortune to a man named Daniel Sharp.

Sharp cleansed the gutters at Butcher’s home in return for both men becoming friends. They have been friends for six years. Two months before his death, Butcher changed his mind and wanted Sharp to be the only person to whom he would leave all his money.

Of course, the family is trying to challenge this change. Sharp claims he had nothing to do with changing Butcher’s decision. Sharp’s lawyer claims that Butcher was a lonely man and that Sharp was his friend.

The attorney continued to say that Butcher liked listening to Sharp talking about his son, and that he knew what he was doing when he changed his mind. It seems that his family was ignorant of the elderly man and now that he died they just want his money.

The lawyer representing the Butcher family said Butcher was well in his mind, but that the decision he took was “strange” and “suspicious.”

And to make things even worse, the body of the elderly was found two months after his death. His family did not seem to be even interested in knowing if he was okay. They did not even make a phone call.