Gordon Ramsay is mad after Pamela Anderson forced him to change his menu

Pamela Anderson attacked the famous chef Gordon Ramsey for serving foie gras in his restaurant. The 51-year-old actress and well-known animal rights activist sent a letter to the British chef asking him to remove the dishes containing foie gras from the menu, telling him that it is too hard to “torture” ducks and geese.

“Since you are an excellent and talented, I have no doubt that you can prepare impressive dishes without becoming so tough,” he wrote among others.

In her letter, the actor says that foie gras is nothing more than a “sick liver” that comes from geese and ducks that feed with strength to fatten their liver.

“The production of foie gras is inhuman and illegal in the United Kingdom. The animals are fed until cracked to make their liver thicker and more fat. They open holes in the throat to feed them in the stomach with the zombie. If businesspeople stop buying it from poultry farmers then this brutal production will stop, “she writes in her letter.