Google’s new smart speaker. A modern’s house best gadget

Unfortunately, many of us lack the technical know-how, time and cash that enables the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Tony Stark to build their own extreme sci-fi staple.
This option of shouting at your home and have it as your servant was given by Google new venture thankfully.


Amazon echo speaker has its opponent from now on.The culture of “Internet of Things” which is the bellowed of the technology industry has a new partner the Google Home. The only thing that you have to do is to buy a speaker from Google store and the price is 129 pounds.

You can’t say that it’s cheap, but of course is cheaper than Amazon’s Echo
Everything is straightforward cause everything is handled from your home wi-fi connection and a mobile application. The volume of the device can be raised or lowered by rolling your finger around it. If you want to turn it off or on you just have to give a swift tap at the top.

At the device there are four lights in the colors of Google: blue, red, green, yellow so that you can indicate when the device is listening to and processing a command. If you don’t want the speaker listening to the “Hey, Google” command there is a mute option that you can mute the microphone. Unfortunately the Google home is not a proper hi-fi it’s just a voice controlled speaker.

It can play playlists or a single song of Google music or Spotify if you are a subscriber, with the less fuss. The quality and the volume it can fill a small or medium size room, but it can’t replace a hi-fi system.