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Google’s New Lighter Than Air Material Could Change Everything

Google: Sky is The Limit for Their Inventions!

In his recent TED talk, Astro Teller, head of X, Google’s lab that works on the craziest breakthrough projects, revealed more than he intended to. As he discussed the reasons why some great projects were killed by Google, he let slip that often discarding one project leads to a crazier idea for another, such as a strong type of material that is lighter than air.


Okay… who else is thinking floating castles? This wouldn’t be Google’s first ridiculously remarkable idea. Have you heard of the Makani energy kite? Well, this is basically a wind turbine that spines up several propellers, and powers itself by pulling on a tether. When that tether’s all out, the kite goes into crosswind circles in the sky, and the propellers turn into flying wind turbines.

What’s the point? For them to send electricity back through that tether. Another genius idea was “Project Loon”, a balloon-powered high-speed Internet service aiming to virtually connect highly remote places with the rest of the world. Just think of it as a balloon shaped flying router that’s hanging in the atmosphere… yeah, very realistic.


So… we’ve established just how impossibly awesome Google’s projects are and you may be wavering about the “Google is God” theory. But never mind that, we’ll be waiting in queue for those flying castles.