Google Warns Users About Having a Security Breach

In their transparency report on Tuesday, Google admitted to having a security breach and warned their users against the threat of using

Talk about cultivating trust!

The company went public about this threat, warning people that browsing their search engine may compromise them to malware or to thieves who may steal their passwords and credit card information. Google described the threat as “partially dangerous” right now, admitting that users may stumble upon deceptive content, and pages that may falsely ask for private user information. Users might also get tricked by attackers into download malware that would threaten their devices.

Google and UC Berkley have announced that “miscreants routinely hijack thousands of vulnerable web servers weekly” and that about 40% of web masters fail to react effectively to said threats. In the transparency report, Google announced that their competitors Yahoo, Twitter, and Facebook are actually “not dangerous”, but safe to use.

How gallant of Google!

Troy Hunt, a security researcher, said that this was anything but surprising. After all, Google supports platforms such as Blogger where users can pretty much add whatever they choose; a post on blogger could be edited to seed link to malicious content. Google makes it quite easy for anyone with the knowledge to exploit the platform and share malware with unsuspecting users. Moreover, experts admit that hacking will continue forever. No platform will ever be 100% secure as there will always be those who seek ways to breech and go around security systems.

Furthermore, Joel Espelian, a tech analyst of The Diffusion Group, admitted that Google’s announcement was quite brave and would probably increase the public and other company’s trust of them. They were honest about their security threats, and Espelian compared them to a celebrity who admits to drug abuse then checks himself into rehab – he is to be applauded for his courage and openness. Also, he says that this would lead people to think “it’s no big deal”, as Google itself announced the breach, as opposed to the news being leaked.

Way to go, Google! We admire the courage! Now, fix this before we’re all ruined…