Google removed 700,000 apps from PlayStore






Google announced that in 2017 removed from its Play Store, its well known on-line application store, over 700,000 applications that were deemed not to meet the company’s specifications.

As Google points out, the largest number of applications that were removed were malware while 99% of these applications were removed before being installed on devices. Of course, this means that some 7,000 malicious apps have managed to pass Google’s security controls and install on Android devices.

In 2017, Google recorded 99% of malware deployment, in 2016 it was much worse since it reached just 70%. So improvement within one year was impressive.

The company reports that 99% was achieved using new engineering learning models, artificial intelligence and new malware detection techniques. Malware removed by Google from the Play Store includes copy-applications, apps with inappropriate content (pornographic content, extreme violence, hate activities and illegal activities), and of course, virus-related software.

Also, the number of developers “evicted” by Google in 2017 reached 100,000.