Google introduced the new Pixel 3 mobile

Google introduced its new third-generation Pixel 3 mobile phones, a new Google Home Hub with a screen and its first Pixel Slate tablet computer. The feature of all these devices is that they have increased artificial intelligence.

Despite the global success of the Android operating system, Google has done less well with Pixel phones, which appeared almost three years ago and have so far less than 1% share in the international market, according to Strategy Analytics. According to IDC research firm, Pixel’s share reached 0.53% and then dropped to only 0.14%.

Google aspires to the new Pixel 3 (starting at $ 799) and the larger Pixel 3 XL ($ 899) to do better. The third-generation Pixel will be released initially in ten countries (compared to six that Pixel 2 released a year ago). In Europe they will appear in early November.

Among other things, Pixel 3 can answer phone calls on its own, inquire about the nature of the call, and inform the user through text (this feature will be available initially only on devices that will be released in the US).

Also, the Pixel 3 features a much better digital zoom, a second wide-angle lens, special algorithms that take the picture at the best possible time (eg the time that the photographers smile or open their eyes), night-time shooting with very dim lighting, while users can use Google Photos to store photos in the cloud.

The new Google Hub Hub (from $ 149), among others, features a screen that displays responses to the user’s voice commands while also allowing access to YouTube. Pixel Slate ($ 599) is based on the Chrome OS operating system and not on Android, and has a removable keyboard similar to Microsoft Surface.