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Google Destinations Just Made Our Travel Planning Million Times Easier!

Google has done it, again!

Travelers and wonderlusters of the world, rejoice! Google has taken special care of you by recently launching Google Desitnations, which aims to make your travel planning experience that much easier. Forget the multitude of travel apps you’ve downloaded, and forget how fast you’ve become at switching from one to the other as you rummage through database after database to plan the perfect trip…

Google’s got you… as always!

To use Google’s Destinations feature, simply open your browser from laptop, Android, or iOS, and search for your destination by city, state, country or continent making sure to add the word ‘destination’ or ‘travel’ to your search. For instance, you’re planning your next trip to Turkey; searching ‘turkey destination’ will give you a grid of all the destinations you may be interested in Turkey, and searching ‘turkey vacation’ comes back with a travel guide for Turkey.

Sounds easy, no?



So, instead of searching on your own through all these sites and apps, Google sifts through billions of itineraries and gives you a glance at the average prices for tickets and hotels for your destination. Also, Googles gives you the best options by allowing you to adjust the search for your needs and budget.


Moreover, Google also gives you a general idea of peak tourist times; this way you’d be able to stay away from these overcrowded places, and avoid paying a kidney for your vacation. Also, another feature is that Google Destinations allows you to filter by interests and hobbies, and also returns with a grid of special activities and interests that are known at the searched destination.

So once again, Google saves the day… thank you, almighty search mogul!