This girl published this shocking photo on Facebook! You won’t believe who did that

There are still people who deny the existence of racial violence and challenge feminist struggles. But the shocking stories like this clearly show that our society has a problem and we have to open our eyes. Valentina Henriquez is a 23-year-old student from Chile. She shares the same concerns with women of her age. But everything in her life went well, or so it seemed. From inside it was all different.

Valentina had a relationship with Camilo Castaldi, a 39-year-old, known to the musical world as Tea Time and singer of the famous Chilean band “Los Tetas”. From the outside everything seemed fairy-tale and her boyfriend was known all over Chile. But the reality was horrible.

A few weeks ago, Valentina stopped hiding. She decided she would not suffer anymore silently, that she would find the courage to tell the world the horror she was living. Tired of her condition, she published an extensive open letter on Facebook, describing in detail how Castaldi mistreated her. Muddles, bleeding, wounds? Recorded everything and added photos, showing the world, the violent character of her companion.


In the letter she revealed that her boyfriend repeatedly punched her, which happened one to two times a week. Then it was happening more and more often and he became more violent. Valentina did not tell anyone what she was going through because she wanted to help Castaldi with his drug addiction. She endured as long as she could, but he could not stand it anymore and referred to the police.

The police could not do much about Valentina. Following the complaint, Castaldi was accused of causing minor injuries from the use of domestic violence, since he had no previous criminal record. This means that he can not approach her anymore, but many do not believe that this punishment is enough for Valentina.

The letter that Valentina wrote after visiting the police has been shared over 202,000 times. Her story was released on the Internet and caught the attention of many people. Many women went out on the streets of Chile to show their support in their motto “We believe you”.

On the other hand, following reactions to Valentina’s letter, Castaldi defended himself in social networks. She blames Valentina and says she has psychological disorders and that everything was caused by her. Some believe Castaldi.

But she is not afraid anymore. She decided to raise her voice for people to hear what happened. Now she recovers from the wounds and begins to smile. It’s a sad story, but the worst thing is that it’s true. This year, 38 women from Chile have been murdered. Women are dying, while society challenges them when they try to defend themselves. Women need to show what’s going on and demand that it should stop.