When this girl finished school she revealed the shocking truth about her father

It’s a tough job to be a parent, but at the same time rewards you. It is full of beautiful moments, tears, hugs and kisses. It’s just as beautiful to be a foster parent, but sometimes it’s too hard. A young woman decided to honor her foster father on Father’s Day and thank him for being the only father she had, even when going through difficult times.

For 18 years her foster father was there. He was there in the difficult and happy hours. She felt the need to share her feelings about her father’s role in social networks: “This is the man who grew me up. The man who gave everything to get to where I am today. The man who came and chose to love me like a child, even when he was not obliged. ”

The young woman said that her foster father could not be present at birth, in her first steps or in her first word, but he was there when he should. And that is more important. “For 18 years, with backsliders in every part of my life and with puffers to become the best I can. And for 18 years you worked so hard to fulfill the promise you gave to a little girl you only knew a few months ago.

When you told me to ride a bicycle, you told me that you would do everything to go to college and have a successful life. Together we achieved this dream, which seemed so elusive. ” She lived important moments with her mother and father, and she graduated from high school with a look at college, as her stepfather was planning.

He recognized the fact that their relationship was tense and that he could not imagine being a father-in-law and losing a girl who is sometimes difficult. But he loved her, supported her and gave her impetus, which meant everything to her.

“Things were not easy for us. I do not know what it is like to be a foster parent. I know I did not help you, but you continued to be there for me when I did not appreciate it. ” To thank him, she gave him a promise in turn.  “I promise to go out there and become the best person I can. I will get what you have learned me in the last 18 years and will become something great. I will never be able to repay you, there is not enough thanks, there are not enough words to express how grateful I am. ”

The girl said to those who have a new person in their family to give him an opportunity. She thanked all the adoptive parents for their selflessness and efforts to enter a family that might be dissolved. “Having a foster parent did not seem ideal to me, but I have to say thank you to all the foster parents who take care of us, the children. Thank you for loving us like yours, while you are not obliged. I promise we appreciate it more than you think. ”

The young woman said the love of a foster parent is more important than having the same surname as the child. It is more important than blood ties. She said she would never be mad on her biological father who was not next to her, because he opened the door for the man she wanted to be her father. Someone who came despite the ugly divorce and was a blessing for the family. He became someone who wanted to love her, raise her and guide her. He became the man who calls him father.