Get Fortnite on your mobile phone

How to get Fortnite on your mobile From Monday 12th March (today) players can sign-up at www.Fortnite.com to get the iOS Invite for the launch of the mobile version of the game. Shortly after the mobile sign-up has opened Epic Games will start sending out invites with a link to download the game from Apple’s App Store. Not everyone will be getting invited to play straight away as the Fortnite team plans to gradually invite more players over the next few months. Once you have you have access to the game you will also receive invite codes that will let you give friends the opportunity to play with you as well.

For now mobile version of the game will only be available on iOS 11, with plans to launch on Android some time in the future. Players will need to have at least an iPhone 6S/SE, or alternatively an iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or iPad 2017 devices.

There are currently no vehicles in Battle Royale but developers have been open to the idea of adding them to the game in some capacity. On the Fortnite website Epic Games says ‘Right now we do not have any immediate plans to add vehicles.’