Gene testing to detect signs of aging

According to a famous saying, it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.

As declared by the team at King’s College London in the journal ‘Genome Biology’ that, to prognosticate how good or badly is your body is going towards aging when you are subjected to die, can be checked by a method of genetic testing.

By the help of this genetic test, one can figure out about their risks of developing dementia in future and other mental health disorders which tend to occur in the later stage of life. Precept that “biological age” is a more practical medium of health than how old you are.

An active ageing signature is universal to all the bodily tissues and hence, can assist in predicting the longevity of life and mental health downfall. The behavior and action of 150 genes in indicating the occurrence of aging signature in cells can be correlated by the test.

This genetic test was carried out by comparing 54000 markers of gene activity in healthy subjects, but who were largely sedentary 25 and 65-year-old and then zeroing down to 150 key genes.

According to the study the supreme summary of our healthy has to be done by a combination of our biological age and how good are living our lives. Opting for poor and inappropriate life style features, as founded by the study, did not seem to affect the speed at which your body ages.

Diseases like cancer, dementia, neuro-degenerative ailments and heart disease, etc. are few famous sources of early aging. Hence, those who are experiencing these early aging symptoms need to be screened for these genetic tests because method can aid in prevention of such untoward aging consequences.