She gave her son for adoption. 7 years later she discovered the shocking truth






In all her childhood she passed through many foster families, moving away continuously. She was constantly abused and neglected. It is no surprise that she escaped from her house at the age of 14 to live alone.

Life then did not treat her well. She has gone through difficult relationships and has reached the point of sleeping on the street and asking for money. At age 17 she gave birth to her son Matthew. After his birth, she moved with an alcoholic husband and despite the constant quarrels, she tried for some years to keep her little family united.

She then became pregnant for the second time. But this time her daughter died a few days after giving birth. The funeral of the baby was on Matthew’s third birthday. For Kris, a lot of psychological load was falling: “I had to celebrate a child’s life and mourn the life of another on the same day. And all in me was dissolved. ”

But the tragedy made something clear, which was killing her heart. She did not have the potential to offer her son the life she wanted for him. And so she gave him for adoption. The child was 3.5 years old and she was 21. But she felt that this was the right decision for the child.

But this time she had separated from her partner. The next 7 years were vague: she could not find the purpose of her life in the world. Sometimes she was homeless and had lost all of her hope.

Then one day it all changed. Kris entered a restaurant and took the courage to ask for a job. The owner saw something in the face of Kris and wanted to give her a chance. Her life changed radically after that. She managed to find a house and put her life in a classroom.

Soon she met a man, Joe, who treated her  with respect. It was a completely different experience for her. Until then she had only experiences. Now she knew the real love. Eventually, Kris and Joe married. He was a fantastic father and Kris learned how to live in a family where they love her.

But her first child? She was thinking about it every day. She found the courage thanks to Joe and decided to communicate with the wεlfare and learn what happened to her son. What she learned was not what she expected: all these years, no one had adopted Matthew. All these years, she cried and wondered how it was, the child was in a foundation.

She immediately went there and what happened was a very moving reunion. Social welfare workers rarely see such cases: now that the mother’s life was steady, she could take her son home with her or adopt him herself. Kris did not think she could hold her son in her arms, and that she had not lost him forever.

The photo from the day she received the official custody of her son will have a special place in their home.