She gave a meal to a homeless and he gave her something that she will never forget!

Morissa Pena is a waitress at Hooters. On February 3rd, she went to work when she noticed a man sitting on the sidewalk on the other side of the street. Instead of going to her job normally, she went to talk to him. She published on her Facebook account what happened next:

Today as I was going to work, I happened to notice this guy sitting on the sidewalk. His name is Rick. I walked to his side and asked if he was okay. He muttered a “no” and looked down and began to cry. I asked if he was hungry and he said “a lot.”

I helped him get up and walk. I introduced myself to him and explained to him that I was working at the Hooters restaurant and would be happy to come and eat. I  told him that he could eat whatever he wanted and I would pay the bill.  He was so grateful … He told me that he was from Ohio and that ha car hit him, and he could not go to hospital because he had no ID.

He showed me a necklace that had the inscription “To Philippians 4:13”. He told me it was all he had. We laughed together. He finished his meal and told me that he would never forget my name, my face, and I gave him hope again. I asked him if he wanted to take a picture together, and he was excited. He pulled up a brush and stroked his beard for our photo! …very cute!

As he left, he took off his necklace and gave it to me, telling me that he wanted me to keep it. I was speechless. I still am. This guy gave me the only thing that was worth for him. It is a debt I will never repay. I will never forget Rick and the few moments we spent together.

Please, remember to help whenever you can and to do it selflessly. If you can, share it as a reminder, and send as many positive thoughts to Rick and the other homeless as they need.

Have a beautiful day.

Pena’s publication has been shared more than 15,000 times since. A beautiful movement and a social message that must awaken us. Share her story with your friends!