He gave cannabis oil to his daughter who was suffering from cancer and …

Neuroblastoma is a disease in which cancer cells are formed in the nervous tissue of the adrenal, chest, throat or spinal cord. Most often it begins in early childhood, usually in children less than five years old. Sometimes it is formed before birth but is discovered later when the tumor begins to grow in size and causes symptoms.

On rare occasions, neuroblastoma can be discovered before birth by controlling the fetus by ultrasound. An Australian father will be trialed with a possible imprisonment because he has given cannabis oil to his little daughter suffering from the above disease to alleviate her pains.

Adam Koessler handed out hemp oil to Rumer Rose, two years old, on his own initiative shortly after the doctors sasid that the chances of the baby being alive are about 50%. Speaking to Newcastle Herald, Koessler stressed that cannabis had a beneficial effect on his daughter. For the sake of its accuracy he gave hemp oil along with coconut.

As he said, “the little one started having a good mood again and eating normally. She had an appetite to play and her skin color returned to normal. Her eyes were shining again. ” However, the authorities proceeded to arrest Koessler on January 2 after a family visit to the oncologist attending the baby girl.

He now faces drug abuse charges in a minor but also possession of narcotics. The rest of the family members as well as internet users started an online signature collection campaign to support the father and his immediate vindication.

Hemp seed oil is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant and is considered one of the world’s most nutritious oils. It has been used in medicine for centuries, with an older testimony in China, during the Ming Dynasty, called Ma Zi. It has plenty of applications in the nutrition, p************l and cosmetics industries. It provides the body with proteins and essential amino acids essential for health and well-being.

However, its use is forbidden in countries like Australia. It is noted that 23 US States and the Washington Capitalist Government allow medical m*******a, with more or less restrictions. Some States even allow to plant plants for personal use.

On January 1 of last year, Colorado’s decision to become the first US state to legalize cannabis sales for entertainment has boosted the manufacturing industry. It was followed by the state of Washington, then Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia, who legalized it after a referendum.