The “game” with the plane proved fatal for a woman in the Caribbean

A woman lost her life on the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten, which is mostly known for planes landing very close to the bathers. According to the BBC, the 57-year-old woman who lost her life fell to the ground, dragged by the power of a jet engine. The woman was seriously injured and eventually succumbed to her wounds.

The incident occurred at Princess Juliana island airport, just a few meters from the sea, where many bathers reach to the enclosure and are held by it as the planes land and take off. This seems to have been done by the 57-year-old Neo-Zealand but she was not kept strong enough so she lost her balance and get injured.

Maho Beach, next to the airport, is also very popular because airplanes are landing realy close to the bathers. There are several signs at the site that warn bathers not standing near to the fence due to the dangerous air bursts of the aircraft engines. But there is a lot of videos showing tourists getting stuck in the fence and getting up in the air – as in the following video, from 2014.