Four unclear truths about blood

Your blood represents 8% of your body weight

According to the American Hematology Association, on average the weight of your total blood volume is about 8% of your body weight. The average adult with a total weight of 68 – 81 kg has about 4.5 to 5.6 liters of blood inside it.

There are about 0.2 mg of gold in your body, with the highest percentage being in your blood

If you did not know it, the human body contains a small amount of gold. Very small. On average, it contains 0.2 mg of gold, mainly dissolved in the blood. To make a souvenir weighing only 8 grams of pure gold, you would need the blood of 40,000 people!

Coconut water can (in extraordinary circumstances) be used as a substitute for your blood plasma

Coconut water is better known as recreational sports drink, due to the moisturizing electrolytes it contains. The belief that it can be used as a substitute for blood plasma stems from the fact that coconut water has the same properties as human plasma, provided it can be safely injected directly into the bloodstream.

Pregnant women have about 50% more blood in the 20th week of pregnancy than they had before conceiving a child

During pregnancy, the woman’s blood volume increases by 50% to properly support uterine function, along with the amount of blood drawn from the heart. This extra volume is necessary to supply blood to the uterus and the placenta. By the end of pregnancy, the uterus will receive 1/5 of the blood that the woman had before she became pregnant.