Elon and wife Take a Crack at One of the Most Dangerous Stunts in the Wold

Elon Musk is all over the news these past few weeks. Right after the accident, he started making himself very visible in the media donating money to any causes that he deems worthy, such as stopping the production of AIs.

Normally, when couples decide to go on a stroll, they would preferably stroll through a park or on the beach.  Elon Musk and his wife Talulah Riley, however, decided that a stroll in the park may be a bit too cliché, so instead, they decided to have a stroll on the wings of a flying airplane.  The couple’s death-defying stunt is documented on Riley’s Instagram feed. Is this wise?

The pictures and video of their stunt garnered comments from their followers.  One comment wasn’t very approving of the feat, saying that while people have the need to experience thrills from challenges and the ultimate, risking one’s life is ultimately not worth it.  The comment also added that despite the cliché that life has risks, there is no need to create them.  Other comments expressed worry over Musk’s safety as he is one of the world’s last hopes in advocating clean energy.  Perhaps the disapproving comment was rather well placed.

However, Musk is one who does not back from a challenge.  It is reported that he has hopes in sending man to Mars, creating electric cars that are capable of going from 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds, and land space rockets on earth.

Their stunt was made possible thanks to Breitling, a wing-walking team from Hampshire, England.  The wing-walking team itself belongs to Breitling, a luxury watch company. I hope the team won’t put such an illustrious person, and his wife at that in such dangerous stunt.