This Ford costs more than $ 12.000.000

24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966 are written in gold letters in Ford‘s history. That’s because without having any experience in making super sports models he was able to succeed with the legendary GT40 1-2-3 in the famous endurance race, leaving behind Ferrari which was the logical favorite.

This is how the famous Ford GT40 has one of the most distinctive supercar models and is just 1m and 16mm high.

The car of our 5ths on the doors and the hood is the one that finished in 1966 in Le Mans‘ third overall 24th time, having completed 348 laps, with drivers Ronnie Bucknum and Dick Hutcherson – for winners history with the first Ford GT40 was Bruce McLaren, the founder of the team and Chris Amon.

Its engine is a brutal V8 with 7,000 cc, the output of which reaches 492 horsepower, which of course also ensured excellent performance. It is said that with the appropriate adjustments, especially in the gearbox, the GT40 racing could have exceeded 320 km / h and all this over 52 years ago.

The car with the number 5 is in excellent condition – even in terms of its particular, golden dyeing of its bodywork – as if it were starting now 24 Hours of Le Mans, which are under way with their testing. And this, of course, something that along with his story will pop up his price at the auction in Monterey, California at the end of August. Early estimates say about $ 9 to $ 12 million, while some say they will eventually change hands for far more money.