FOR SALE: Tupac Shakur ’s Never Before Heard of Music and Notebooks Found by Fan!

It’s like the man never died!

Tupac Shakur was murdered back in 1996, in a drive-by shooting in LA at age 25, and the case is still officially unsolved. This man is one of the most influential rappers on history, ranking 86th in Rolling Stone magazine’s greatest musicians of all time.

No. This is not another conspiracy saying Tupac’s alive and well and living his life off in Cuba… Relax.


Recently, a fan has revealed that he came across unreleased music written by Tupac himself. Several CDs with never-heard-before music was unearthed by this fan, along with 3 notebooks of music lyrics and ideas written by Tupac’s own hand.

The precious bundle will soon be up for sale on the Moments in Time website, and will be sold at no less than a fixed $ 250,000!


The fan claims to have found these items when he bought baseball cards through a Craigslist ad. However, Tupac relatives are trying to block this sale, as his mother is very particular about what items end up finding their way into the world.