Flying BMW falls from the seventh-floor of a parking garage

An incredible fall of a car from the seventh floor of a parking lot in Austin, Texas, recorded a closed circuit camera on the street. The incident occurred on July 13th, however, the video saw the spotlight just yesterday.

The female driver confronted the throttle with the brake, resulting in BMW, breaking the guardrails and landing from the seventh floor on the ground floor.

The shocking thing is that there was an SUV, whose driver – as he told the local media – had open windows and heard a strange noise. Lucky for him, BMW landed right next to him!

The video shows the crash of the car, which pops with the berry on the road, then falls on the side of the SUV and eventually ends up on the carriageway. In the damaged vehicle, employees of the company and other drivers are hurrying to pull the driver, which, as it has been known, suffered serious injuries and was hospitalized.